How to donate

Funded by an initial grant from Mike and Candace Schuller, the Foundation seeks to grow its resources to broaden its reach and impact. The intent is to annually disperse funds towards the Foundation's avowed mission.

For those wishing to donate, please make checks out to Fidelity Charitable Gifts Fund, writing Rumphius Foundation- #1054568 in the memo line.

Note: If your name and address are not printed on your check or if the donation is coming from a separate entity or stock fund, please fill out pages 1 and 5 of this form and include in your mailing.

Mail your donations to:

Fidelity Charitable

PO Box 770001

Cincinnati, Ohio 45277

Donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions about how to make a donation, or need any assistance or reasonable modifications, please contact us by email at or by mail at the address above.